Family Program

Family Program

Family Program

At Evoke Wellness MA, we believe that family is an integral part of the recovery process. This is why we are now offering a family program and family therapy. Our family program teaches family members how to take care of themselves while still supporting their loved ones. Through family therapy family members gain insights and important skills to help repair their relationships. When the family of a recovering addict is involved in and educated on addiction they are better able to help support their loved ones which is crucial in recovery.

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Why Is Family Important In Recovery?

Studies show that when a family is involved in the treatment process of their struggling loved one, that person has a better chance at recovery from their addiction and mental health issues. During our family program the clients’ substance abuse and mental health disorders are addressed. The family is educated on the disease and any other disorders to help improve communication and address any conflicts there may be. When families participate in the recovery process it increases the chances that the addict will stay in treatment, it improves family and social relationships, and it helps to prevent relapse.
Our family programs here at Evoke Wellness MA are therapeutic and educational. Family members are able to connect with others going through the same thing so they know they aren’t alone. This can be very powerful. Those family members that have been affected by this terrible disease are able to obtain a better understanding of how the way they communicate and interact with their sick loved ones can actually contribute to some of their behavioral health issues. They are able to develop healthier coping strategies especially when fear and anxiety are elevated and learn to better be able to support their loved ones while also taking care of themselves.

What Is Family Therapy Like?

Drug, alcohol, and co-occurring mental health issues put intense stress on families. Participating in family therapy is a vital part of an addict’s treatment process. During family therapy, family members are taught how to recognize the signs of relapse. They learn specific actions to take when there is a risk. This helps them to be able to step in when they notice their loved one struggling.

Friends and family can often have trouble setting boundaries or saying no to a loved one struggling with addiction. Family therapy helps to teach family members healthy boundaries so they don’t continue to enable the addict’s destructive behaviors. They are also taught how to set boundaries to support their own emotional well-being and recovery. Healthy boundaries benefit both sides of the spectrum.

Family therapy also helps teach honest and effective communication skills. Family dynamics are taught so the family can manage them better.
Evoke Wellness MA licensed professionals are here to help guide you through this difficult process. Our counselors are trained in effective behavioral models that will teach you how to interact and behave in a healthier manner.

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